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Competition winners for 2010

Key to results:
Companies separated by a forward slash a combined team won the competition that year.
Companies separated by the word 'and' indicate separate teams but joint winners that year.

Enfield Battalion

5-a-side Football (Junior - Under 15) 12th Enfield BB
6-a-side Football (Open) 11th Enfield BB/12th Enfield BB
6-a-side Football (Junior - Under 15) 11th Enfield BB
Athletics (Junior Section) 11th Enfield BB and 1st Hoddesdon BB
Athletics (Sports Challenge Cup) 11th Enfield BB
Badminton (Junior) 10th Enfield BB
Badminton (Open) 12th Enfield BB
Bergin Victory Cup No competition
Bowling (Junior - Under 15) 11th Enfield BB
Bowling (Open) 11th Enfield BB
Company Drill (Colours) No competition
Figure Marching (Junior Section) 1st Hoddesdon BB
Football League (Open) 12th Enfield BB/1st Hoddesdon BB
Football League (Junior - Under 14) 12th Enfield BB
Indoor Games/Hockey (Junior Section) 11th Enfield BB
Physical Training/PR Games 2nd Enfield BB
Quiz 1st Hoddesdon BB
Quiz (Junior Section) 16th Enfield BB
Small Squad Drill No competition
Swimming 1st Hoddesdon BB
Swimming (Intermediate) 11th Enfield BB
Swimming (Senior) 1st Hoddesdon BB
Table Tennis (Open) 10th Enfield BB
Team Games (Junior Section) 11th Enfield BB
Two Smart Recruits No competition

London District

3 Person Colours (One Colour) 1st Enfield BB
5 Person Colours (Two Colours) 1st Enfield BB
Bible Quiz (Company Section) 1st Cranham BB and 18th Enfield BB
Bible Quiz (Junior Section) 4th Barking BB
Bowling 3rd Bromley BB
Bugle Team 3rd Bromley BB
Company Band 1st Orpington GB
Cross Country (Junior - Under 14) 2nd West Kent BB
Cross Country (Senior) 3rd Bromley BB
Cross Country (Girls) 7th West Kent GA
Devonshire Cup 10th Ealing BB
Don West Trophy for Musical Accuracy No competition
Drum Major 1st Orpington GB
Drum Team 3rd Bromley BB
Individual Bell Lyre 1st Barnet BB/GA
Individual Bugle 3rd Bromley BB
Individual Drum 3rd Bromley BB
Junior Band/Novice Band 2nd West Kent BB
PR Games 1st Barnet BB/GA
Single Line Drill 18th Worcester Park BB
Squad Drill 1st Enfield BB/Amicus

North London Zone

6-a-side Football (Junior Section) 1st Barnet BB/GA
6-a-side Football (Open) 10th London BB
6-a-side Football (Junior - Under 15) 11th Enfield BB
Athletics 1st Barnet BB/GA
Athletics (Junior Section) 1st Barnet BB/GA
Football League (Open) 1st Barnet BB
Football League (Junior - Under 14) 12th Enfield BB

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Summer Camp 2018 in Norfolk

Added 7th September 2018
From Saturday 18th to Friday 24th August a group of young people and leaders from the 3rd and 10th Enfield travelled to Beeston Regis in Norfolk for our Summer Camp.
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London District Band & Drill competitions

Added 18th July 2018
On Saturday 14th July the London District Band & Drill competitions took place at 14th West Kent HQ in Bexleyheath.
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Summer Programme

Added 18th July 2018
Over the last few weeks of term our Summer Programme took place on Monday evenings, where we were able to take advantage of the longer evenings and better weather to go out and about and do some different activities.
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Junior Section Weekend Camp

Added 18th July 2018
From Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July members of Enfield and Inner North London Battalions came together for a Junior Section Weekend Camp at Felden Lodge.
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